About it all…

2015 WET! Wet, wet, finally, HOT, hot

However it was a very nice weekend for WordPress Camp 2015. Eventially there will be a second slideshow. Stay tuned.

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July-06 Still summer and still raining.

Denver Rainbow

Colorado-Still summer & still raining!

First day of summer in thirty minutes!

Word Press Camp 2015 in Denver, Colorado. It was a well spent two days that I enjoyed. For now I will just say that if you have not been, then it is never to late to go to Word Press Camp when you find one in your neck of the woods. A lot to learn and a lot to share. A little later I will post a slide show of the camp event and the campus it was held at in downtown Denver. Both days were really nice, sunshine and no rain. I say no rain and that is after almost a month and a half of having rain almost every day. A little hail as well.


Just another day!

Hail; not snow. That was in the Rocky Mountains. By the way, this was not the day of the WP Camp. It was non-stop dual sessions for both days. Good food (lunch-day one only), great coffee, good people and time to learn and think. What is your liking? Code, Design, Security, WP Themes, marketing, creative thinking – it was all there. Stay tuned for the slide show and a few more words About It All.

2014 hOT, hOt, HoT, HOT, hot

At this point, I am not sure what to make of January or February. Cool; I guess would best describe it.

Deep and Bright

Shadows of A New Day

It is now September 03, 2013. Oh…hu…it has been a really good summer with some good blogging. Lots of new sites, and thanks to Dave I am listening to 2000MillionF.M. as I write this. A good London station with a cross in music listening. 2000MillionF.M. Fits my mood very well this evening. It tried to rain this evening and disappointed once again. This mountain whether seems to always miss the little microclimate that I am tucked away inside of. Two blocks away it will be raining. consequently, it is humid for this part of the country. Still it provides for a nice quality of stillness and peace. contemplation and reflection on the day and the last few months as we approach Autumn (the 22nd).

The photo had to go, this is a new one! This is at a local park last summer. It was a great day for taking shots. I will have to get out soon and at least get some quick digital shots. Stay tuned. “The fun of it all!”

As you can see. I did some thinking. Now I am exhausted.
About it all!   I think that is a good start. I never dreamed about blogging till I started this site. I believe it has been over a year now. Time passes fast these days. Another summer is approaching us here in Denver, Colorado. To be more precise, for what it is worth, Centennial, Colorado. They call it South Suburban around these parts. Yes it is the burbs. I won’t go there.

It has been quite a learning curve with WordPress. I am glad I started here and will continue with it. It creates stability in an environment that literally has none, inherently so. By environment, I mean cyber space. That is all good and exposes the masses to possibilities that would otherwise not exist. Opportunity that is affordable. Which is a rare thing these days. The catch is that you have to pursue it. If you are not motivated the chance will pass you by like a tweet. Commitment would be another good related word to use. Though a noun it does convey description. How far I will take it is yet to be seen. At this point there are a total of 4 websites. Two blogs, one E-Commerce site and one business site. This site is WordPress.com and so I am limited with things I can do. Actually I am only limited by the thought itself. You just have a smaller containment to work in. When you go to a hosted site the container is much larger and you have to acquire more knowledge. You also pay more money. Ka-Ching! Be it with WordPress or one of the other hosters (or could that be toasters). Be careful, the Ka-Ching’s just keep coming. On the other hand nothing is for free. Even WP.com has its price. The price is not always money.

The really cool part about the WordPress community and Automatic is the sharing. The people are helpful and knowledgable. Some more than others. At times I even question that, because there is almost always a multitude or at least a couple of different ways to resolve a tech question. Different people just have different approaches. The really coolest part of the sharing comes from the bloggers. Gee…information, human experiences, art, photography, food, writing, humor and on it goes. Most of it is good and beyond. The rest?Well a little discretion never hurts. Where else and how else can you communicate to a person on the other side of the globe in this manner. Yes I know there are other sources and they are indirectly included.

Enough for now.

My hat is off to WordPress and its community!



19 Responses to About it all…

  1. Jackie says:

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I appreciate it very much. 🙂


  2. Thanks Bob for the follow and reblogging of gravity of grace post. I hope you have been blessed. We are connected for greater purpose. Have a graceful weekend


  3. Jane Lurie says:

    Hi Bob, Thank you for following my photography blog. I hope you are inspired. I appreciate your visits and comments. You have a great blog.


  4. Julie Phelps says:

    You stated the way it is on WordPress.com very well… to me, also, there was (still is) quite a learning curve. The price I am currently paying is one of time. I expected it to be so, yet am surprised at the vacuum effect. I am so sucked in. And glad of it.
    Oh! Great stuff on the elephants.


    • Bob says:

      Glad to see you are enjoying your WP adventure. You can take it as far as you like or just get started and post away. The main thing is to enjoy the experience and the multitude of sites, and subjects to explore on your own. I liked the elephant post as well. I found out about it via a friend. Better late than never. Have a good week Julie.


  5. Hi, Bob. thanks for browsing my photos; appreciate all the ‘likes’


  6. Hi Bob, thanks for liking my post! We have been having a wonderful time exploring Summit county in your beautiful state!


    • Bob says:

      I am glad to here that you are enjoying it. I forget where you are visiting from. I plan to take a day trip next week for my wifes birthday. South or north, I have no idea. But, as you know you can not go wrong no matter where you go. Pictue time! FYI-If you ever get the chance, take the Cog Ride up Pikes peak. There is a post on it or on my other blog (patcophotoart.com) just click on the “Travel & Places” tab. Enjoy the weekend.


  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the like Bob. You’re right – WordPress does provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with amazing individuals, like yourself 🙂 , from all around the world. What a wonderful “gift” for us all.


  8. Hi, Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog and the follow, hope you liked what you saw. Looking forward to seeing more from you, 🙂


    • Bob says:

      Thanks for the follow, I enjoy your shots. It gives me the chance to travel and see beautiful places I could not see otherwise. Take Care


  9. sedge808 says:

    ‘My hat is off to WordPress and its community!’

    Me too.


  10. Hi Bob..thanks for visit my site…Cheers!


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