Home Sweet Home

“The fun of it all!”

Home Sweet Home – you have reached your final destination for the day. Where will you be tomorrow and where will you define home or whose homepage blog will you be sifting through? Hopefully they will have a few good photo’s somewhere in it all. No offense to those that prefer words. Word’s are a good thing. However, I like the weighted end to be Art & Photography with a few word’s for embellishment.

Things are still changing. Thanks for your patience and I love following all of your blog’s. So ….. I will continue to experiment.


2015 WET! Wet, wet, finally, HOT, hot…

July-06 Still summer and still raining.

Denver Rainbow


New colors as spring gets into action!

Spring Flowers-Denver Colorado

Spring Flower-01


Spring 2015 Time for an update.

I guess ir, it is time to start 2015. After a good winter, no blizzard’s so it was good. Put away the big warm boot’s and slip into the comfy walking/running shoes and get some warm fresh air and sunshine. A year of change and growth around here these days. A good start to a good year. How about you?



Christmas is not here yet, but it is getting very close. A little snow today, so just maybe we can still have a White Christmas. My resolution for next year is to keep the month of December and Christmas as simple-as-possible. It has almost happened this year. Less stress is nice and the art of bringing Joy to others is work in and of itself, but worth the effort. For some this may be a very hard time to get through for many reasons. Illness, loss of a spouse, family member or friend, loss of a job or lack of finances to provide for the basics. This is when and where the Love & Joy of Christmas comes into practice. Even if you think you have little or nothing to give, sometimes a hug or taking the time to just be there is a comfort that can help in lifting the spirit of another. In return you will have the gift of knowing that you tried. Thank’s and Glory be to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. And peace on earth
Love & Joy to all

NOvEmBER 2014

Where is the BER in November? NO – Not hear yet, and I can wait. Hey, the grass is still green. Today, tomorrow may be another story. It is Denver, pull the curtain’s back in the morning and what you see, well…is what you get. Off we go to slumber and get ready for tomorrow. (The 10th day of November) The BER came in from the north at about 16 degrees above zero (F) with a little snow. A couple of blog photos for the fun of it. Very cold!

First Snow

Snow with green grass in November-BER?

First Snow

Green, White, and Cold.

It is now the 23rd and a little cold here-and-there. Extremely nice for this time of year. Thanksgiving will be here this week. A lot to be thankful for beyond good weather. How about you? Get out you turkey and enjoy your friends and family. No matter what the circumstances may be. Spread the Love and get a little in return. God Bless and have a good one at that.

O C T O B E R ber 2014

Things are falling in place! That’s a joke mate. It is Fall 2014 (pending where you are geographically located). Are you ready for what is to come? Stay tuned, I will finish this episode before winter. Maybe… (The fifth day of October) Still having good weather down in the Mile-High city and the Rocky Mountains are getting a little white. But then so is my hair. (The eighth day of October) Another day and I don’t even feel like blogging. Between the news and politics, I would like to hear just one word of truth. I missed the Blood Moon lastnight and maybe I will catch the next one. Besides – I would rather see the sunshine tomorrow morning. Another day and another chance to do something good. A prayer of hope always and a focus on the absolute truth. Our saving grace. (The 21st day of October) The mountain Aspen have just about finished their color and leaf show. They are getting ready for the approach of winter. I had coffee on the patio with a neighbor friend today. Winter was not a topic. We did enjoy the backyard colors and the warm sunshine. In the Mile High City we still have loads of color and the sun just keeps doing its thing. A good thing at that. Liquid gold! Don’t forget to vote! Time for some change around Colorado. As we come to an end to October, the cold is creeping in and the final color’s are taking their last fall to cover the nice green grass. The color white might come into play before the end of the month. Keep smiling and we will see you next month!

September 2014

We are slowly getting in focus around here, yet the summer is full of surprises. Mostly the amount of rain we are getting in the Colorado area. Not a bad thing by far. The temperatures have been just great and the mountains have already had a dusting of snow in places. It was cold enough the other day to get some here in the Denver area. We did not! However we did get a nice cool wakeup call of around 36 degrees “F”. The body was not ready for that, yet. A Yetti morning. The snow shovel looks just fine hanging in the garage all by itself.

One day trip to Breckenridge, Colorado provided a nice break from the summer city life. Minus the traffic.


A ride without snow. The fun of it all.

Goodby July and Hello! August 2014

Like life, my images lately have been a little out of focus. Maybe it is my processor, then again maybe it is just what I see. I hope to get that remedied soon. By the way, I did change the background on this page. It is actually summer rain on a rose in the early morning light. Change is the only constant in life. I would like to see or hear Truth and actions based on Love. There is a world of good out there waiting to be tapped. A good conscience I can live with, but not a concusion. I believe beyond the concusion, with hope and faith. Absolute Truth does exist. That is if one believes. This Truth does not exist without Love. Really, it is not that hard of a concept. My best to you and I hope you can find it. So to speak “Make my day“.

Love you all!

Things are changing.

Change of focus.

Let me see here…is it really June, maybe July now? Right now I would just like to freeze time and call it a day. The weather has been great and the colors are the same. One thing about photography at any level, it takes your mind off of the heavy thoughts. There is a lot of good in the world around us and the silent world of images tell their own story as interpreted by the viewer. You do not have to agree to disagree. Create your own world to escape in. However, don’t stay there to long. Remember where you are and where you are going. There are a lot more images out there and it is easy to get there. Just take a flight on WP International. Have a great summer and smile!

Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose of Denver

It is time to start posting for 2014. I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday and a happy New Year. While I am at it, and since it is February, I hope that Valentine Day was good for you. A time to spread the Love. So far, so good and things are looking up for the year ahead. The changes are faster this year, or so it seems. I notice some folks are not posting as much lately. Me being one of those. Still the posting I see is quite nice and the content is much more interesting. Denver has been nice, but very cold at the same time. I look forward to warm weather and sunshine. The Olympics have been very good, and WordPress is continuing to expand and provide many new inspiring developments. So here we go for 2014!

January and February 2014

Sunrise Photo

2014 Morning Sunrise “Capturing The Moon”

August 28, 2013

The fun of it all!

“Home Sweet Home” Thanks to Trappers Wild West

Please pay Trapper a visit and see some nice Southwestern Art.

Creative Skyscape

“Flying too high into the sunset”

This time around I have a new twist on “Home Sweet Home.” I hope you find it interesting and enjoyable as well. We are traveling to southeast China to take a look at what is called “Fujian Tulou.” It is essentially an ancient Chinese version of an apartment dwelling that is derived from the essential need of a family unit, and the idea that 2 person’s or more are better for protection. So is the physical structure of these unit’s. They are a somewhat primitive form of a regional vernacular Architecture that met their social and political needs during that time period, around the 15th and 20th century, and they are still being used.


“Fujian Tulou Housing” in the Fujian Province of China

You can see many more photo’s at this location: Link To More Photo’s. I have not been there. Would I like to go there? Yes indeed I would. For you fortunate enough to have been able to experience these places and people, you are fortunate. The Fujian Tulou is steeped in generations of family living, traditionally generations of the same family in the same complex. This is Home for many and here is a great educational video by  CCTV English Channel.  It is a lengthy document, however, it is worth taking a look at.


“A Fujian Tuluo village”

To add to the list of resources:

YouTube #01: Link

YouTube #02: Link

YouTube #03: Link

YouTube #04; The Fujian Province: Link

YouTube #05; Wuyi Mountain Tour (not translated): Link


“Wuyi Mountain Area”

Happy blogging and we will see you later.

With the intent of Home being where my feet touch the ground and the space around me allows for the interaction of all that dwells within to escape, and become the world I know.

… Ballet Colour …

28 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. Linda says:

    Lovely photos! 🙂


  2. Joana_JW says:

    Its been halfway through the year and we are just left with 6 more months. I hope the dreams we weaved in the beginning are turning into reality ( for everyone). Thanks for those lovely colors and photograph. This is a breathe of fresh air 🙂


    • Bob says:

      I will try this again. I just erased my reply by accident. That was quick! Dreams are a long story for me, however my plans are gaining ground one day at a time. I hope yours are as well. The colors just keep coming this year in Denver. Thanks and have a great weeek and do come back for more colors.


  3. Humbled Pie says:

    Nice photos Bod! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Bob
    The first one with the Teepee really struck a “Happy Chord” here

    Love the rest too

    Cheers for Years


  5. Hi Bob, your sunsets are fantastic. Thank you for coming by my blog and liking my Bonsai abstracts! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your photography.


    • Bob says:

      Should be some good ones from the mountains near Colorado Springs next week. I am getting away for the weekend later this afternoon. Taking the camera.


  6. restlessjo says:

    Hi Bob! Sorry it took me a while to get here. 🙂 I love your sunsets.
    Many thanks for following. I’m all set for cHaNgE.


  7. Nice collection sir……


  8. Ajaytao2010 says:

    Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.


  9. Inspired and pretty says:

    These Chinese homes, it’s so interesting ! The photos of the ballet colour are superb !


    • Bob says:

      Thanks! It is odd in regard to the chinese housing. After 2 years of architectural history and another 3 years of world history, this is the first time I have seen anything about these. The digital age does have its benefits.


  10. groovy777 says:

    Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  11. These are wonderful pictures!


  12. Rosemary says:

    “PATCO Consulting, LLC | Consulting Services: Design-Construction-Owner’s Representative” truly makes me personally imagine a tiny bit extra. I enjoyed each and every individual portion of this blog post. Thanks -Jenna


  13. nonoymanga says:

    Bob the colors are amazing!!! Cheer Nonoy Manga


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