My art studio at Art345 2014 – 2015

Art Work[lace

ekaterina smirnova

When I would try to imagine what would be the perfect studio for an artist like myself, I would first think of a space. Working with large scale water-media paintings I really would appreciate a lot of space, wall space and floor space. I would also think that I should be able to do anything in such space, if I wish to mess it up – I can! Splash paint anywhere, construct object, experiment with lights… have a big party… I would be important to have strong artists around too, to study from and have a useful feedback.

I was lucky. I had it all for one whole year at TheArtBeat345NYC, a building, that used to be a set of small factories in East Harlem.
A french artist Norbert Waysberg in collaboration with Paul Ching-Bor has organized this space, which hosted 14 artists, me including. During the course of one…

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