France – Normandy : Titanic, return to Cherbourg – 60 photos

Interesting history.


14-ou voir exposition titanic

Titanic return to France cherbourg

10 April ,1912 :The transatlantic port of Cherbourg received a visit from the mythic ocean liner  The Titanic before it met with its tragic destiny .In the former transatlantic harbour station, relive the unique crossing of the steamer Titanic  and become a witness of this historic and tragic cruise.

wal king Hiking holidays in france

04-finest largest Maritim railway terminal world

05-titanic cherbourg southampton

The luggage Hall in the Harbour Station, where people used to gather their luggage from the train before crossing the Atlantic.

06- maritim station titanic cherbourg

Here , 281 passengers embarked aboard the ship.

titanic on the sea

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40-when did titanic sinking 1912

31-titanic in cherbourg harbour jacques mignon

24- RMS TITANIC april 10, 1912 stopever in cherbourg

titanic on the sea

27- titanic 1912 return to cherbourg

48- RMS Titanic Crew

Titanic crew members : Harold Sydney Bride and  John George Phillips, telegraphists.

46-who was chairman white star line titanic 1912

J. Bruce Ismay, chairman of the White Star Line.

49- photos Titanic crew members

Titanic crew members :  Frederick Fleet and Reginald Robinson Lee , lookout men.

47-who was Titanic's captain 1912

Commandant Edward  John Smith, captain of the Titanic.

wal king Hiking holidays in france

16-sherman ellis island migrants

54-sherman' s portraits of emigrants america

21-immigration american soil sherman pictures

20 - immigration bureau augustus frederick Shermanellis island

17-photo sherman american immigrant

22-immigration service immigrants pics

23-emigrants titanic 1912

18-sherman pictures immigrant people

32-waves of emigrants in america

95- america emigrants crossing from europa

19-sherman immigration bureau ellis island

33- titanic exhibition cherbourg france

titanic on the sea

98- richard burton elizabeth taylor travels ocean

99- European emigrants to New York

For half a century, Cherbourg bade farewell to thousands of European emigrants to New York, as well as stars like Charlie Chaplin, Salvador…

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