Christmas and the Garden of Eden



Q:  What do Christmas and the Garden of Eden have in common?

A:  Nothing.

…and everything!

Christmas as a celebration, tradition and season have nothing to do with Eden.  Christmas as in the birth of Jesus Christ has everything to do with Eden…

When the man and the woman inhabited the Garden of Eden, they lived in perfect fellowship with God.  They had relationship with Him, and we know this because the Genesis account tells of God speaking with them directly.  God talked with them and He walked with them in the cool of the evening; direct relational access between man and God.  God also gave the man a job to for Him, to have “dominion” over all the earth, and thus mankind was involved in God’s purposes as an active partner.  Relationship with purpose is what we call “fellowship.”tumblr_mbk81oDqUS1ru4biyo1_500

Of course we all know that is not the end…

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