What Christmas Means to Me

The true meaning of christmas-God is LOVE

Colleen Briggs

Merry Christmas!

Christmas, only a few days away, beckons me to pause, just for a moment. I sift below the glitter and finery. I dig down deep to a mystery – messy and gritty. I remember what happened last year. And then my heart soars with joy. This, this is what Christmas means.

For those of you who read this story last year, I hope its message can help you touch again, even if for just a moment, the pure wonder of Christmas. And for my new friends, I’m so very thankful to have begun walking with you in the last year!

To all, may the true joy of Christmas be yours.

Born to Save, video still, 2013. Born to Save, video still, my son and me with “Baby Jesus”, 2013.

A young woman stands alone on a dark sidewalk, snow falling. She stares, captivated by the scene framed in a large picture window. A family gathers. She can see the love that binds them, as real and palpable…

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