A New Covenant

Some things never get old-2000 years of good news


Roses 002-LR

Jeremiah 31:31-37

Jeremiah has set out a picture of trouble ahead.  He has cited curse after curse from the Old Covenant that God will invoke against Israel and Judah because of their unbelief that resulted in broken commands.  In chapters 30-33 Jeremiah tells of a new age that would follow; hope for the future after the disaster of the present.  We pick up the story in verse 31 where he tells of the new covenant that God has planned for His people.

God had been a husband to Israel, and Israel had been unfaithful to God; shattering their covenant obligations.  God’s people would be newly united under a new and different covenant; one in which His laws would be written not on tablets of stone, but rather upon their very hearts.  They would be moved not by outward regulations, but instead by inward motivations to do right by God.  They…

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