3 Year Old Girl Survives in Russian Taiga for Eleven Days

A good ending.

Life in Russia

 Lost in the Taiga


Karina went to search for her Father

When Karina Chikitova‘s decided to follow her father into the Siberian Taiga no one knew it would be the beginning of a 11 day saga. Her father who’s a firefighter had left his remote village to fight a bushfire some distance from their home. Karina along with her puppy went in search of her father.


Four Days later a search party was sent out

At the start of this incident the little girls mother thought Karina’s father had taken her with him, but later realized this wasn’t the case.  The remoteness of the area made communications very difficult thus four days had passed before a formal search began for the little girl.


A hundred man search party was set up

The Siberian Taiga isn’t exactly the best place to get lost since it’s the home of the brown…

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