Red Barn Photography in The Sun

Red Barn Photography in The Sun

in Colorado

I have not said this for quite some time, but these are taken with my trusty Canon S-100. It has been to Cannon one time already. It has been dropped dozens of times. The protective screen cover was shattered and so I took it off. It didn’t make any difference. Oh how I would love to have a viewfinder. It has broken two falls, the camera and tripod came out better than me both times. Almost got run over by a car one time. I fell from one meter into the street at night. Needless to say the drivers were quite rude as I laid in the street. End of that story! It has some real good ding’s in it and the back cover plate won’t stay flush with the front body. No more adventures during the rain. Bottom line, it has been worth every penny that I paid for it. I hope you and your camera is doing good these day’s.

Hey! It still fits in my pocket.

Red Barn-06

“Red Barn in The Sun-06”

Red Barn-05

“Red Barn in The Sun-05”

Red Barn-04

“Red Barn in The Sun-04”

Red Barn-03

“Red Barn in The Sun-03”

Red Barn

“Red Barn in The Sun”


Red Barn-2

“Red Barn in The Sun – #02”



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