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Light The Lie

Somewhere today there is a young man in his teens about to give a presentation. He is going to stand up in front of the class with a hand full of note cards, but he’s not going to use them. He was worried about the audience and what they would think, but he’s going to have them on the edge of their seats. He will finish his speech with confidence as he presents the conclusion. Then he will walk back to his seat as they whisper, “He is fearless.”

Somewhere today there is a young woman in her teens who has been bullied. She is going to walk down the halls with confidence and ignore the comments thrown at her as she walks by. She will see someone standing all alone in the crowd. She throws the lies they told her away as she approaches her new friend. As they walk…

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  1. lightthelie says:

    Thank you for the reblog! I am honored!

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