Maverickbird’s Siberian Road Trip

The start of a Siberian Road Trip I think you will like it. Try it and see.
“The Fun Of It All !”

Life in Russia

When you go searching for gold and find a diamond the excitement it brings is truly brilliant. My newest guest blogger “Maverickbird” has an eloquent way with words, let’s let her writing style create the beginnings of an amazing dance of wonderful verbiage as to who she is and what she does.


Trekking, hiking, sailing, flying – I am all about traveling. Even when I am not traveling physically my mind wanders in loops and whirls across open space. My travels and thoughts range from nice, strange, outrageous, funny to even bizarre. From being adopted by a Tajikistani lady on a trans Siberian train, a babushka in Suzdal who loves American songs and me to living in igloos and living with Cuban guajiro’s family, it has been a great journey so far. I had promised a dear friend that I will add posts in an organized way on…

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PATCO BLOG IT ALL....sit back - relax and enjoy it all. Thanks for the peak!
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