Remember Charlie Chaplin and Silent Movies

Charlie Chaplin

Had a message then and now.

Society and politics never seem to change. Have a little faith and there could be some change. Sad his life was such a mess.

Here is another video/film cut that is very powerful and it got him in a lot of trouble because he affiliated himself with the Communist Party.

I hope you enjoy these and maybe take a look at some of his other work. Both before and after he started directing his own work.

P.S. Look below at the comments for an additional video. Thanks to the commentor, you can view it as well. Just another good one by Chaplin.


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5 Responses to Remember Charlie Chaplin and Silent Movies

  1. hobo hippie says:

    I enjoyed the post-Chaplin was one of my favs. Do check out my blog it’s named after a Chaplain movie-wacky weird and way out!


  2. I also love Chaplin movies, and I get sensitive sometimes about misinformation regarding the past. Chaplin not only didn’t get in trouble over that speech near the end of The Great Dictator – he was lauded for the expressed sentiments at the time. What got him in trouble later, during the McCarthy years, was being a pacifist, and criticizing BOTH Capitalism AND Communism for making war more likely.

    On top of his propensity for romantic involvement with much younger women, his outspoken pacifist views were unpopular with some members of government in the late 1940s, and when he went to London to premiere his 1951 film Limelight, our right-wing Attorney General revoked his re-entry permit. His next film, made in England, expressed his reaction to political zealots of all kinds:

    There’s no real evidence Chaplin was a Communist, or even very politically active aside from expressing his opinions in his movies and interviews, the way big stars do today without penalty. The pendulum swung the other way by the 1970s, and Chaplin returned to the U.S for the first time in 20 years, to accept an honorary Academy Award.


    • Bob says:

      Thanks for the response. Whatever the claims on his political views and personal life, my how the times have changed. Yet his meesage still, or atleast for me, has a common thread for the current times and society. Was that his son in your attached clip? I was looking for that one but did not come across it.

      Have a great weekend!


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