Time to Ditch The Rule

REGULATION-I am not a farmer and neither is the EPA

The Farm Paparazzi

Note: The following is a column I wrote for our local paper, The Platte County Record Times, as part of my local Laramie Peak CattleWomen‘s monthly column.

Ditch the Rule | The Farm PaparazziDid you know that regulations can have big, often negative, impacts on your local farmers and ranchers? Platte County producers are well aware of this fact. As responsible stewards of the land and our livestock, we work hard to use the best environmental and animal care practices available. Yet, government agencies continue to weigh down our family farms and ranches with more and more burdensome regulations.

The most recent example is the proposed expansion of regulatory authority under the Clean Water Act. Under the “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) proposed rule, power will be given to the Environmental Protection Agency and US Army Corps of Engineers to dictate land-use decisions and farming practices in or near puddles, ponds, ditches and more…

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2 Responses to Time to Ditch The Rule

  1. Thanks for reblogging this! It’s such an important issue for farmers, ranchers, landowners and everyone who believes the EPA has gone too far!


    • Bob says:

      No problem. Being silent is not the answer. The new photo resolution the Feds have initiated is just way over the top. Fined for taking family photos at national parks? I don’t think so! We currently have America’s first “New millennial social-communist/narcissistic-fascist regime”. I do not consider this name calling because by definition it it seems to fit. Not something to be proud of, not to mention the corruption.

      I apologize, but what is happening really sadden’s my heart. I have had farmers in my family. They all sold out.

      I sincerely hope things get better for you and everyone else. Keep your chin up!


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