News and Information on Ebola in Liberia


Link: New update 09-27-14 Article “Hell In The Hot Zone” a very explanatory article on the development of Ebola this time around.

Can you see me now? So many countries and so many people; Again. This is a good story, the boy lived on, unlike others that have faced and are facing this tragic event.

Please read the full story and many others, I think that it will hit a heart string.

God Bless you and these people.

Those of us reading this are the fortunate ones. Reach out-help in whatever way you can. Pass this on to others and especially those that are active in the politics of this world we live in. The politics are almost as sick as the disease, if not a world social disease itself. More action is needed now. I realize it is complicated, the costs are unbelievable, the logistics most difficult and the language/social barriers just as great. Still it can be overcome with education and lots of hard work. Education of the disease to the people to understand the truth and the hygiene behind it. No satanic magic, ritual or superstition can help this disease. I challenge you to go to Google maps and just see the conditions these people live in, no matter if it Liberia or one of the other neighboring countries that are being decimated by Ebola.

Oh! And do not forget to Pray along the way.

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