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To some friends, I was able to attend this event. It was quite nice and I appreciated the talk. It was a rainy evening, after I was inside and seated. That was nice, because I had to stand outside till they opened the doors. It was in west Littleton, Colorado, which is in the foothills of the Rockies on the south and east side of Denver. You know, with all that has been going on with Gaza and Israel lately it was a refreshing to hear a little history behind what it is all about. You might say; for what it has been all about since long, long ago-centuries, and more. Are you Jewish, Christian or none of the above? No matter, it is good to get a real perspective on the situation beyond social media and the twisted media coverage. Social media and the news is like a giant trash can. Everyone throws their garbage into it and you are expected to believe it.

There were a few hundred people in attendance and from what seemed to be a good cross of people types. All seemed to enjoy the evening. I hope that you enjoy the Soriee as presented below.

Take Care and have a good day/evening!

Video coverage of the night:

The Soriee: Joel Rosenberg presentation (2014) The Future of America, Israel, and The Middle East In Light of The Scripture:  Link

Following Questions and Answers from the presentation: Link


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