Flowers and Nature in the Backyard-Colorado

Flowers & nature in Denver, Colorado.

Nature in the backyard-3

By the wood pile

Nature in the backyard-2

A little closer look

Nature in the backyard-1

Colorado fresh


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PATCO BLOG IT ALL....sit back - relax and enjoy it all. Thanks for the peak!
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9 Responses to Flowers and Nature in the Backyard-Colorado

  1. Thank you for liking “Good-bye Summer.” Beautiful flowers! 🙂 Their colors and shapes are wonderful. I will miss summer flowers, especially as the days grow shorter and colder.

    • Bob says:

      Fall is here today in Denver with sunshine. We are still getting rain and colors. The color white can wait till later I hope? Had some great clouds yesterday, no camera at the time so I had to just stand and savor the flavor. Someone released 100 to 200 (my guess) balloons about 20 miles north of the hill I was on. Wow! what a sight to watch on that day.
      Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for the like on my blog. Really am enjoying yours also. Great photos. Enjoy our Colorado summer.

  3. JohnRH says:

    We have clematis but they are bursting as much as yours. Nice.

    • Bob says:

      Mine are on the north side of the fence and this is the only one doing good. I think I have used too many coffee grounds and not enough compost to break up the clay in the local soil. Enjoy!

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