Obama-Cares for Obama!

Obama-Cares for Obama!

Time to waken America and The World

Time for Prayer Time

This really disturbs me. Does it disturb you? It should if you are a legal citizen of the United States of America or any country.

Things are OUT-of-CONTROL!!!

The phone is disconnected and the pen is broken…Link
What law?
Lawless indeed.
We pay him for this. Think about it for a really long time.

Don’t tell anyone…it is a secret. It is also a political rampage at the least. Using children again for political gain.

SHAME, Shame, and more shame.

Lord Jesus; please forgive our politicians
please forgive the parents that gave up their children
please forgive the hungry coyote’s
please forgive the countries of this world.

Our sin is great and your forgiveness even greater.
Your Love is far beyond our comprehension.

We are all your children and I ask your blessings, for a country that has lost sight of your divine power. It is a time to ask for a change of heart for our leaders and country. You are the one true King and God. Put it in our heart’s to repent and return to the absolute truth of your holy word.

“In God We Trust” – Amen

P.S. Forgive me of my own discontent, for it is the sin I hate. My only peace is in you and I turn to you for Love and a path that I know to be true. My prayer is for all people of all nations to know you and follow you.

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