IRS-Fraud-Phone Scam


Update: March 2016 IRS Fraud Scammers

I first started this in 2014 and now it is 2016. It is even worse than ever now. Sometimes up to four or more calls in a week. Sometimes two or three a day. Pure nonsense. They just don’t cease, kind of like the real IRS. We get scammed from both ends. Not to mention all of the social media intrusion that keeps invading our privacy. I like the recent comment that takes the point of view that phone/cyber companies actually make money from the continued calls. It makes sense. It kinda feels like corporate communism. They just take over and you have to deal with it. How does a person get a little respect around here? I feel for the people who actually fall for the scam. Don’t forget to vote this year. “The Fun Of It All !”

Phone Scam

Here is the phone call I received on April 15, 2014 at 9:54am ( not verbatim, but close to it). Last week I received 3 similar calls in one afternoon. Over the last few years I have received many more calls like this.

“This call is to inform you that you have received a legal petition notice against your name concerning a tax fraud. A tax evasion case against you. So before we take this matter to the federal court board or before you get arrested by the county sheriffs, kindly call us back on our contact number (888) 887-2003. My name is Franklin Benjamin, from the Tax Audit Department. Again, don’t disregard this message and do return this call at (888) 887-2003. If you know about this case, please press 1 now. To ignore this message, please press 9. Thank you for your patience.

Caller I.D. number on my phone was 1-347-559-0378

 Yikes! And so much more…


Who is Franklin Benjamin?


YouTube: Watch this! This guy was nice about it. Help yourself to the other tubes.

The latest, just for fun.

Sample Spam Calls:

Informative news cast:

IRS Warns of Pervasive Telephone Scam
IR-2013-84, Oct. 31, 2013
Page last Reviewed or Updated: 02-Apr-2014
“Don’t say you haven’t been warned.”

FTC Fake IRS collectors are calling (You will need to copy & paste this link)!portal/1012/article/4353/Reporting-Suspected-Federal-Tax-Fraud


 What I do know…

is that the phone calls are a real pain and can be harmful to the elderly, people of all ages, languages, and education. This type of fraud on any type of communications device or fraud style (cell phone/texting/emails/landlines/mail/marketing/computers) causes extreme waste at all levels (for the Green thinkers). As for trying to report to the FBI or the IRS; they do not take phone calls (some of the above links indicate they do) and the forms or PDF’s on their websites do not seem to download when I attempt to retrieve them. It may be my computer setting? Local news station websites produce the same results or non results. I did not become a member of any of these websites, maybe that is why? FYI-I did not become a member of any of the websites listed in this posting or pay any fees for additional information.


Am I complaining? The answer is “Yes!” and for a good common reason.


Protection seems to be a good common reason. We are responsible for our actions and to protect (verb-to cover or shield from injury or danger) ourselves and others against the invasion of fraud.
I am not pointing fingers here. This is just a response to the scams and fraud that keep intruding on my daily life. In particular the type as stated above and the similar referenced instances in the links below.  Many other folks seem to have a similar problem. Though the names and numbers change in the fraud attempts in some of the cases. Just take a look at the dates in all of these links. There is a history here! I know that there will always be frauds, con artists, and medicine men of all types. Easy money and the cheap tricks are for free till they are caught. Stop it people!

I hope that none of you fall in these traps. Be cautious, use your caller I.D. on your phone, use apps for your smart phone, press the delete key on your electronic device, just say No, do not give out personal information of any kind at anytime and last but not least, never give money to these people or anyone else you do not personally know.

This brings to mind the term “secured website.” Does it exist? If the good ole U.S. has a hard time of being the guardian/administrator/steward/ICANN of the internet, which it’s invention they created. Then, how can irresponsible and fraudulent people do better? Can Franklin Benjamin do better? I don’t think so! Has the world become a fool’s paradise! Ooops…just an idiom. This name is based on the name given in the many fraud based calls that I and many others have received. If you find “Franklin Benjamin” or find him offensive you have found your problem. Who is he or she or any of the other fictitious names that these fraud’s use? Internet control (control/power/greed) what a monster. The race is on. Read more and come to your own conclusions;  or  or or or


Geee... that really blindsided me, it was hard to not say something. Opinions are a dime a dozen and tomorrow is another day. Make your own opinion, but we need to be responsible.

Despite the inclination of political correctness and the approval of mass deception in our society; if it is not the truth it is a lie no matter how you look at it. An attempt at fraud. Do not be deceived and do not lie to yourself. Fraud is not acceptable in any form or at any level in any society. Again, “there will always be fraud” as long as there are people.

 Stop it people!

 I do not have an immediate answer to this problem. Maybe if the phone calls and emails could be forwarded to the proper governing agencies or companies responsible for taking action against this fraud, then we might see some results. What do you think?

As for me, I will continue to try to break the ice and protect myself in the meantime.

P.S. Get your taxes in so that these people cannot bug you (said in a laughing way). Then maybe the problem will go away till they implement their next angle of attack.


“Time to stop the phone scam bullies”

Article By Ray Hanania:

Article, Notice alerts, Consulate General Of India in San Francisco, Ca.:

Number Guru website: They identify this number (347-559-0378) as being
“mobile”, (Location) Staten Island, NY, (Carrier) OMNIPOINT Communications Inc, NY.

RU Scammer website: They identify this number as being from (Area) New York City Zone 14, NY which researched and it indicated OMNIPOINT Comm. Inc., (Provider Type) Wireless, Carrier Info.) Verizon New York, Inc.

New York Phone Number website: This site indicates that this number (347-559-0378) is again wireless by T-Mobile phone company as the provider. Pay them and you can get more information.

CallHunter  & MyCallBot websites: They indicated  Central Office: NWYRCYZN14,-NY – OMNIPOINT Comm. Inc.****

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. is “T-Mobile US
Reference: Wikipedia see “Contents, 1 History, 1.2 Omnipoint”
Comment: Look at their revenue and income figures. Could they afford to look into this scam as a matter of protection for their clients? Note that they are connected to Verizon via a signed agreement as referenced in  this Wiki article under “Additional wireless spectrum acquisition.”

Just for fun OmniPoint: The question is “Is it really closed?” Yelpers report this location has closed. pages just raise more questions and points to more sources (NTT Communications, Marketing Company NYC, OMNIPOINT cell phone) “Answers”  website, “What is omnipoint communications inc?” literally “Click to see answer” then keep clicking on the arrow that says “Next Slide” and you keep getting more information. I find the slide information “Purchased  it’s former parent and renamed itself to AT&T to make more money.”  My comment based on the information that I find is that these scam calls are additional revenue and bottom line, it is good for business. For their companies in the U.S., Germany and all of their other international locations. Should we the consumer change our name and phone number? View the next link for an interesting article regarding Omnipoint Communications, Inc. Though it is old, it is interesting.

For an even older article:

Where is New York? The FCC? FTC? The IRS? WTB? FAA? USAF? Local, State and Federal agencies? Private and Public owned companies? You can add more to this list if you like.
There must be rules? There are contracts! Contracts of all kinds, this one is for construction services (Omnipoint Corp.). This is old information, but, the point is the time and money spent on making money and the number of agencies and companies involved in regulating.

The Contract – November 1998:

The Complaint/Civil Action – November 1998: ( USA/Department of Justice/Antitrust Division/Plaintiff  V.   Omnipoint Corporation/Defendant)


“The fun of it all!”



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7 Responses to IRS-Fraud-Phone Scam

  1. Flash Mogan says:

    It seems whoever they are they’re trying it on internationally now! 860-848-7931, being used to scam people from a dating website through whatsapp.

    • Bob says:

      No end in site and nothing gets done. Sad to see it become widespread. Need to maybe trap them with a false bank account. Technology v.s. technjology for the good. Just a thought…

  2. Usb merchant idiot says:

    The service provider makes money from the customer that is using the service to scam.
    By law the service provider must stop any abuse once they are notified.
    However they don’t always do this. Why? Well they loose $$$ if the scamer isn’t using the service providers service ( the phone number/lines) to scam you.

    The service providers a acutely aware and will try and mislead you by saying you should report this to the FCC of the DNC ..
    The service providers are the ones letting this happen, They say we don’t write the laws that allow these people to go unprosecuted this is just how it is.

    When they could simply report the customer to the appropriate government agency as a scam or business attempting to defraud the American citizen.

    However they don’t again due to loss of $$$ regardless if it from scams or not they don’t care about you.. They just want $$$$ and so do the scamers that’s why the service provider lets them makes these calls to your number..

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