Saturday Night Worship Song

Call upon his name…”Where feet may fail” a good peaceful listen.

Cannot Contain

What exactly do I say about this song? It moves me. it seems to capture my nervousness about radical abandonment perfectly. It feels like I will drown. In my head I know that God wouldn’t let that happen. But wow does it feel like it. So I chicken out. Our worship band at church has done this song and literally brought me to tears. I’m talking the “gotta sit down and make people think I’m a nutball because I’m crying in church” type tears. “Lead to deeper waters where feet may fail.” Yeah. That part where our lives stop working unless God is in them. It makes me think of something David Platt said in his book Radical. “If your life mainly consists of going to work and catching the game on the weekend you probably DON’T need prayer.” Tough words. But a reminder that if we’re not feeling the…

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