It is cold-Denver Colorado

It is cold-Denver Colorado

-08 F Last Night

12 F Today – Nice Sunshine

-03 F Currently at 11:00 pm & no sunshine tonight


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7 Responses to It is cold-Denver Colorado

  1. I live down south of Denver a bit, and it was frigid here too. However, looking forward to a predicted high of 60-degrees tomorrow. You gotta love CO for the spring weather in Dec, amidst the cold here and there.

  2. sedge808 says:


    • Bob says:

      Yip! Had to rip the cover off of my B.B.Q. to cook dinner this evening. At times like this, I miss not living in the desert.

      Have a nice weekend.

    • Bob says:

      “For the fun of it all” and it is a whopping +1 here at 11:00pm this evening. I guess it is warming up a little. Some locals told me today that about once every ten to twenty years we have a winter that stays cold with very little snow. It might be one of those. Not a complaint, because I know that these are common temps for some parts of the world. Still it will not stop more Xmas light photos from being taken.

      Have a good week Sedge.

  3. bur911 says:

    this is very nice. I wish it snows this year in my area. Have a nice Friday. 🙂

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