Denver Botanical Gardens-Memorial Service

Denver Botanical Gardens-Memorial Service

This was a very wonderful day. There was peace in this day.

I found myself at the Denver Botanical Gardens this weekend. Attending a memorial for a twenty-two year old college student. There are times in life to reflect on how fortunate we are to have had the chance to live another day. God’s grace is never-ending. To live for today and make the best of it with the one’s we love.

It was a foggy morning after several days of rain and hardships for many of those that attended. Most came from the flood area north of Denver. The fog and clouds lifted to reveal a glorious day to remember.

Denver Botanical Gardens

Memorial Service at the Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

The garden before standing room only

Denver Botanical Gardens

Very peaceful as thoughts of reflection are pondered

Denver Botanical Gardens


Denver Botanical Gardens

Bold array of flowers

Denver Botanical Gardens

At the back of the memorial garden

Denver Botanical Gardens

An area of beauty

Denver Botanical Gardens

Column and flowers


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