Baroque splendour in Versailles …

The Sun King and his palace

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When entering Versailles, you can immediately feel the sense of grandeur in a majestic environment. Louis XIV known also as the “Sun King” was not only an absolute monarch and politician, but his love for games and pleasure has made the court of Versailles to be one of the most famous in Europe, especially for its sumptuous Balls and fabulous entertainment of music and dance. Louis himself was quite a gifted dancer who contributed to the development of the modern ballet. Dances were mostly performed by nobles, with Jean Baptiste Lully as one of the king’s favored composer musician. New style of dance movement appeared with elegance and refinement, and so Louis XIV created the first Academie Royale de Danse in 1661. To get the taste of Baroque dances at the once fabulous court of Versailles is to watch “The Royal Serenade” performed by musicians and dancers…

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