Shoes and Foot Health

How are your feet?

Raoul Pop

In this video, I wanted to share my thoughts on the importance of two things:

  1. The proper fit of a shoe, and here I mean its length, width and arch support, and
  2. The habit of walking barefoot one day a week.

When it comes to the fit of a shoe, it’s even more important to watch its width, not just its length. A shoe of the right width for your foot provides proper ankle support as you twist your feet. You may not find it an important criteria for your shoes until you twist your ankles or worse, break them, which happens quite a lot with ill-fitting mountain boots and ski boots.

Adequate arch support is obtained by trying on lots of pairs of shoes and knowing what to look for, or with the aid of inserts, which I do not like, or best of all, by getting measured with…

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