Colorado-Fort Collins-Photos-03

“They have some really nice murals around town”

Colorado Art

This one is hidden in an alley between two buildings. Really big!

Some are new and some are old advertising. I really enjoy the old advertising on the sides of old buildings. For me it has a comfortable feeling and is easy on the eyes, and the brain. Hey! One could actually want to purchase the product. In your face advertising does get old. Funny thing. The old seems new and the new out dates itself by being what it is. Whatever!

Colorado, Art

This is what I’m talking about. Really nice! I wish Coke still tasted the same.


Colorado, Art

On the other side of the Coke sign, across the walkway.

Just thought I would incorporate a little signage.

Colorado, Art

The streets are nice and cozy “Old Style” with parking the same. Travel down the main street and you are at Colorado State University at Fort Collins of course. Nice campus if you get the chance to go there.

Colorado, Art

A lone side street.

Colorado, Art

On the main street for a coffee break.



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