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Will Rogers Shrine


“Will Rogers”

Colorado Springs, Colorado in conjunction with the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

What else is in the area?
There is plenty more to visit in the area. “Cave of the Winds” is one of them. It is just a couple of miles out of Manitou Springs. Again this is in the Colorado Springs area.

Back to Will Rogers
Will Rogers was quite a guy. He was very popular in his day and time. Born in Oologah, Oklahoma on November the fourth 1879. Unfortunately his life was cut short by a plane crash in Point Barrow, Alaska, on August the fifteenth 1935The Shrine is a really nice place to see and has even better view’s than the Zoo. The best part about it, is that it is included with the admission of the Zoo. There is a good amount of history at the museum which is located in the parking lot for the shrine. A short walk from there is the shrine.


Will Rogers Shrine

A part of seeing the Shrine is the experience of its location on Cheyenne Mountain. It is perched like a bird’s nest and you can see the whole Colorado Springs vicinity from the top lookout. It has a very big Wow factor.

For the complete post: The Will Rogers Shrine


Colorado Springs and the Broadmoor Hotel


“The Fun Of It All!”

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