Mountain Peaks-The Summit-Why

“Mountain Peaks –

The Summit

– Why”

 For the full post: “The fun of it all!”

Mount Shasta, California

There are so many reasons why? To most it makes no sense. Or at least no common sense.

On the other hand: Does it have to make sense?

It is hard work to get to the top. And often times dangerous!

The rocks roll as your feet scramble to get their placement in the scurry.

Pebbles feel like bullets when they hit your helmet.

As you watch a boulder pass through the narrow throat that is only passable by one person…you give thanks for grace, and the opportunity to safely take passage back down.

The snow falls, you lose your sense of space and time due to the lack of oxygen.

If I could only see my hands in front of my face. Keep moving!

Stopping is a last resort.

Sun cups, popcorn snow, whiteout, blistering sun, crevasses, a wind that bites at your innermost bones.

Snow blind, dehydrated

The horrifying sound of an avalanche across the ravine or the wonder of a cracking sound or ping!

The glacier is alive and moving!

The colour’s are many as you look into the prism of  light from the glacier melt.

No rainbow and no words for such magnificent colour’s.

Along the ridge to the summit

And the summit?

You will have to make the journey yourself.


Mount Shasta – Summit

Now you know there is a God! He just said hello!

For the full post: “The fun of it all!”


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