Daniels Park Colorado – July 06, 2013

“Daniels Park Colorado – July 06, 2013”

This is where I found myself on saturday. Daniels Park Colorado, which is actually in a place called Highlands Ranch, just south of the Denver metro area. It sits high on a hill, so you get some very nice view’s of Denver and down south towards Pikes Peak. You can actually see Pikes Peak in several of the photo’s. It is the peak that seems to faintly stand above the mountain range horizon, around the middle of the photograph’s.

Relaxing after the holiday!

It was nice to just be able to take the time to grab a few shots of the local scenery and so I thought I would share them with you. No award-winning photography, but it does give you an idea of what kinda sites there are to see around the Denver area.

I forgot to mention. We went to Castle Pines first, to fuel up on java, talk a little, listen to other conversations and take in the view. The coffee shop has a great view also. We had a nice breeze while hanging out, that and a little shade made for a good rest. From there we went north to Daniels Park the back way. So to speak. I guess that depends upon how you look at it and where you are coming from and where you are going to.
Now that I have said all of that; here are the photo’s for you to enjoy as you like.

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