Born to the Brothels – there’s no easy way out

The Seeker's Dungeon

The rooms were tiny, the hallways and stair cases narrow. Men came in and out – not likely to be customers, we were told, because it was day time. They might have been pimps, or husbands. We saw children as well – running throughout- in their rooms. Apparently at night time, the narrow pathways become non-existent, packed with people. The stench that came from the rooms, and halls, were so bad that we had to make every effort not to cover our mouths in disgust.  I noticed a closed circuit security camera – installed to track the movements of the women.

I couldn’t believe I was actually inside and no one was trying to kick us out or even resist our presence. In fact, we were greeted with, not so much as a smile, but rather a passive acceptance of our company. The Prerarna workers (our guides) spoke to the…

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