Moving site to host server

I am posting this in hopes of retaining followers and people I follow. I am moving to a host server in a few days and there may be some blackout time since this is a first at doing something like this. Everyone have a great week.


A few shots from the cog train ride to Pikes Peak recently:

130405-IMG_1160 130405-IMG_1162 130405-IMG_1190 130405-IMG_1210 130405-IMG_1217 130405-IMG_1221 130405-IMG_1229 130405-IMG_1231 130405-IMG_1238 130405-IMG_1248 130405-IMG_1251 130405-IMG_1257 130405-IMG_1258 130405-IMG_1264 130405-IMG_1270 130405-IMG_1285 130405-IMG_1288 130405-IMG_1294 130405-IMG_1306

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