Events Update-November 18, 2012-Solid Rock Baptist Church-Painting This Weekend

The progress is comming along and the roof has been completed. This weekend we had a small group to help put a primer coat on the walls to get ready for some color. The color will be another day. After the painting the church members cleaned up and made things ready for the service tomorrow. It will be good to see door’s and color. Like any construction on an existing building that is being used during construction, there is a lot of furstration and hard work over a long  and what seems to be endless period of time. Yet the church members continue to move forward and continue to sacrifice their time and hard work. The fruits of their effort’s are soon to be realized. Stay tuned for more updates and volunteer help is still needed. If you are interested, contact Travis Akins at  or at 303-953-7127. To find out more or sign up  Click Here.

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